Why design?

I initially was a front-end developer, but once I started working in design, I realized the power of an effective and delightful experience created for a well-understood target audience. I hope to spend my career to bring value to products with timeless impact by applying creative human-centered solutions as a designer.


Art Making & Programming

I love making sense out of complexity and using design to methodically utilize and creativity. I enjoy using iterative design process to define and rethink what is possible, through my software development, art-making, and now user research and design.

Below are some of my passion projects outside of work.

Transient of time and existence
Solo exhibition, 2019


Depicting the insignificance of human beings when facing time and nature. Large scale paintings of acrylic on canvas, and ink on rice paper.

Get Out

Experimental Game, 2020

Social commenting game on COVID-19.
Designed and developed as a team of 2 in 3 days with P5.js.

Disco Kiki

Wanna communicate with your plan?
Physical Prototyping, 2020

Allow your plant to communicate to you in a visual way: a light show indicating temperature, humidity, and sunlight.
Designed and developed in 6 days with Arduino.

I travel ... a lot

I have been traveled to 16 countries,
and I lived at these 7 cities for over 4 months:

Dalian, China

New York - New York, USA

Seattle - Washington, USA

Hartford - Connecticut, USA

Copenhagen, Denmark

Beijing, China

Palo Alto - California, USA

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