Night Bus - Installation

Night Bus

Art-making for me is a process of self-definition, an ongoing path. I grew up in a city with 6 million people on the east coast of China, and since 2014 I have studied at Trinity College with fewer than 3,000 people. The small-town setting and the lack of public transportation push me to explore the world outside of Hartford. I take a bus to New York City whenever I get the chance, going out at evenings to enjoy the nightlife and coming back at dawn to save on hotels. I both enjoy and detest taking buses or walking at night. I am intrigued by the solitude but afraid of the loneliness.

Inspired by my experience in diverse environments and my ambivalent feelings of the night, ‘Night Bus’ aims to capture the foreignness and alienation of traveling and being in a strange space. I create an immersive environment, building an atmosphere through sounds, lighting, photography and installation. The transformation of the gallery becomes a suggestive abstraction, and can bring back shared sentiments among the viewers, regardless of their backgrounds and perceptions.

Through my artwork, I aim to challenge the boundaries between seemingly binary realms, such as nature and humanity, or Eastern and Western cultures; ultimately, to create more dialogue and integration.